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WIN! Operation Ouch ‘The HuManual’ by Chris and Xand van Tulleken

WPB online science book competition Operation Ouch The HuManual

Is there anything more disgusting than sick, poo, snot and verrucas? NO!!! Which is exactly why kids absolutely LOVE reading books all about the human body. This brand new book Operation Ouch The HuManual by doctor duo Chris and Xand van Tulleken couldn’t be more revolting. Every page you turn will guarantee to turn your stomach too, in fact this book comes with a warning: DO NOT READ WHILST EATING.

We just know Operation Ouch The HuManual will appeal to Whizz Pop Bang readers which is why we’ve got hold of four copies to give away. Get ready for the gross factor!

To enter this online competition simply answer the following question:

A giraffe has more neck bones than you… true or untrue?

Answer in the comment box below before midnight on 31st October, good luck 🙂

Hint: read the current issue of Whizz Pop Bang to find out the answer! To buy this issue visit our online shop here.

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  1. Paula Mignucci
    Paula Mignucci says:

    False….Giraffe are vertebrates and have same number of bones as humans have, Seven. Each bone of giraffe is about 10 inches long!!

  2. Jennifer-Rose Banks
    Jennifer-Rose Banks says:

    My daughter loves her Whizz Pop Bang magazines and is a massive Operation Ouch fan too!! We say it’s untrue that giraffes have more neck bones than us! They have the same number but there’s are just much longer!! We fed some giraffes the other day, lovely animals xx


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