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Mission Impossible? 53 Science experiment for kids for the summer holidays!

KIDS: STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN!! Your inner curiosity and brain cells are calling you… Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to groom yourself like a cat, to drain the rain, to feel the force and to alter your sense of touch. Taking it to the next level, your mission is to make your own […]

Horrible Science author Nick Arnold joins the Whizz Pop Bang team!

  Errrrr gross! Slime, goo, rotting fish and the unimaginably disgusting are what you think of when you hear Nick Arnold’s name mentioned. Yes, the Horrible Science author is joining the Whizz Pop Bang team so watch out everyone, Nick’s armed and ready to saw off some legs 🙂 We’re head-to-toe excited about having Nick […]

Children’s author Isabel Thomas joins the Whizz Pop Bang team!

We’re excited and proud to announce we have children’s author and science writer Isabel Thomas joining the Whizz Pop Bang team! Author of shortlisted book ‘How to Change the World’ and ‘Self-Destructing Science’ Isabel will be writing features on science topics in Whizz Pop Bang. A big warm welcome to Isabel, we’re thrilled to have you […]

Minibeast photography competition

The results are in from our minibeast competition (issue 11, June) and we have five winners to announce! Firstly we want to say thank you to all of you who entered. We had over 75 entries of awesome minibeast photos. We now have spiders, bees, butterflies, caterpillars, beetles, slugs, ladybirds, snails, dragonflies, centipedes and moths all crawling […]

The Guardian Small Business Showcase Awards

On Thursday 7th July we took Whizz Pop Bang to London for the Guardian Small Business Showcase Awards evening, as finalists in the home business innovation category for 2016. The event was held upstairs at The Lighterman Bar in London’s redeveloped King Cross area, a fitting venue for start-ups and new businesses to be celebrating growth and […]

Reviews for Whizz Pop Bang

“My 6 year old was very happy to get his first copy today. All thoughts of playing Lego games on the tablet have been forgotten whilst he tells me all about seahorses”  Clair Sperring Cartwright  “Just received our first copy. The boys love it! Proper science, great information and laid out in a really child friendly, fun way” […]

What makes the best bubbles? Try this experiment and see!

Would you like to know what makes the best bubbles?   Make a base mixture of water mixed with washing up liquid. If you don’t already have one, you can make a bubble wand using a pipe cleaner. Experiment with blowing bubbles, and then try adding sugar, baking powder, corn syrup or glycerin to your mixture, one at a time. Test how each ingredient changes […]